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Google Play - App Excellence Summit 2017

App Excellence Summit is a one-day event that brings together app and game developers looking to create quality Android apps for Indian users. Hear it first from members of the Google Play and Android teams as they share the latest platform updates, along with tips on building amazing app experiences for today’s mobile-first users.

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What’s new on Google Play : James Sanders - Director, APAC, Google Play & Fergus Hurley - Product Manager, Google Play

Hear about everything that is new with Google Play. Learn about new feature launches that will help you understand and improve your app quality, drive user engagement, and grow your business.

Building for Billions by Kunal Soni, Head of Business Development; SEA, IN & AU/NZ, Google Play

New internet users are coming online at a record pace in India (100 Million in the last 12 months!) and most of them are on Android. Many of these users will experience varying levels of connectivity, device capability, data costs and commerce. In this session Kunal will talk about making amazing apps that work for India.

Panel discussion: Building the right app for India with leaders from Google Play, Times Internet, MakeMyTrip, Moonfrog and Byju's

Moderator - Karan Gambhir, Head of Business Development, India, Google Play


- Puneet Gupt, Chief Operating Officer (News), Times Internet

- Anshuman Bapna, Chief Product Officer, Make My Trip

- Mark Skaggs, Director, Moonfrog

- Byju Raveendran, Founder and CEO, Byju's

Top app developers share perspectives on building apps for a very diverse app user base in India, as they try to solve for challenges around connectivity, storage, device fragmentation and more.

What’s new in Android by Amrit Sanjeev - Developer Advocate, Google

Learn more about the surprise treats in the newest version of Android and the work we are doing to build amazing experiences for users of entry level devices.

Designing apps for new Internet users by Muzayun Mukhtar - User Experience Researcher, Google

Millions of new internet users will be coming online for the first time in the near future. Learn best practices about designing products and experiences for constrained connectivity contexts from Google designers who think about this every day.

Get more from the Google Play console by Olga Voronina - Program Manager, Google Play & Johannes Tonollo - User Experience Designer, Google Play

With over one million apps on Google Play it's becoming more important to focus on the technical performance of your app. Hear from the Google Play Console about the new & existing tools to help you understand your technical performance before, during & after release. Understand how to optimize your battery usage, crash free users, screen rendering, usability and much more. Learn about how you will be rewarded by Play for offering a high performance app.

Creating high performance and stable app experiences by Dario Freni - Software Engineer, Google Play & George Zafirovski - User Experience Designer, Google Play

An end-to-end review of how to identify and fix bad application behavior in and before production. Understand the tools available for identifying and resolving Android 'health incidents' in production. Review each stage of the development cycle and the ways to leverage Android Studio, Play Console, and platform APIs to have a better picture of how your app is behaving and impacting the health of your user's device.

Slim down your app size by Amrit Sanjeev - Developer Advocate, Google

Users are more likely to download an app and keep it on their device if it has a small download size and disk usage. Lean apps tend to perform better due to their smaller memory usage. Learn how Android Studio, the Android Support Library and Google Play can help you reduce your app size by using new tools and following simple best practices. Android developers will walk away from this session with a new arsenal of tricks to slim down their app.

Using Firebase to grow your userbase by Parul Soi, Developer Relations Program Manager, Google

In this session, we'll dive into some of Firebase's growth-oriented products and features. We'll explain how they work and how you can take advantage of them to grow your userbase.

Consultation Zone

Participate in group consultation hours to ask Google Product managers and Google Developer Experts (GDE) questions in specific areas for your app.

Sessions are divided into the following topics:

Google Play Console
Reducing app size
Designing for new Internet users
*Each session is 20 minutes. Slots are open for registration during lunch. You can register for as many sessions as you’d like. However, seats are limited, so it’s based on first comes first serve basis.