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Jatin Chaudhary
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The day I left my Job in US, I decided I don't want to work for anybody.. From that day to the point I boarded my flight back to India, I constantly thought and made plans about what should I do next.. Made so many plans on the tissue paper during the 24 hour long flight.. Worked on them and trust me.. "Plan made" is so different from "plans executed".. In last 5 years, I would have thought of 100+ plans and executed 5 out of them (6th in pipeline) and loving each day of my life.. :)

Harsh Shah

I started on 15th August 1993 when i was less then 17 years Old and Bank Denied to Open the account as 18 years required. and i still remember when my first order was of just 22/- and i was so happy :-) and still Happy :-)

Khushboo S

When my ex-employer was talking at Echai about company, team and explaining what it means to have senior people like me working for them means to their young startup.... that meet up opened my eye that what I take as my own firm is not mine and I am considered here as just experienced employee. I rather be on my own than drag along to be part of someone else's story

Ramesh Jagannath Sinha

I have faced 1000s of problems in my 45 years life. When I face a problem, all I do is ask how many people are facing similar problem and what is a efficient n better solution to this problem? I end up shouting Eureka.

Devendra Punia

For the latest startup,, the eureka moment came when my co-founder, Dr. Naina Arora visited Jaipur in March 2015, and we had long discussions. We decided to start with projectsforschool to bring the change we want to see in the education system.

We are passionate about education, and are trying to make a positive change in it by making learning experiential, hands on, fun and convenient.

Virag Shah

Yet not started. But so far getting huge positive feedback on my blog. So now decide to move into professional part & start with some small project and move ahead accordingly ..

Rajan Patel

I decided to be an entrepreneur when in my 1st job my boss told me " you don't think you do as I say when i was about to make a suggestion " and the same day i decided that all bosses will always ask me to do the same and never allow me to think . My recent Eureka Moment was when i got 1st order on my recently launched site .

Kaushal Shah

Eureka moment came when my boss thought I wasn't working hard enough, and put down the papers with one month notice. Never thought at that time what will I do after leaving the job, but then came the idea of from a good friend Dhruv Mehta. Executed it, launched in 2 months, and not regretting it at all. I thank the previous employer, without whom I couldn't have done this.

Shruti Misra

Hmmm....I didn't decide. I believe I always knew in my heart. My deepest desire and dream was to serve India and bring a change since college days. Since then, destiny brought along changes that got me here professionally. Entrepreneurship for me is a way of life. I only worked to learn the game and use it to my own advantage one day.

OrgoEarth OrgoEarth

I am from family of a farmer. I am so much health conscious and during my graduation I need to stay in City. Where I feel that every food product I was eating is a adulterated in some or other way. Then after I Start searching google about food adulteration and I start spreading awareness among the people around me while working with one NGO Vivekanand kendra in Vadodara, Gujarat during my graduation.
One fine day while talking with Mr. K.S. Chhabra, Founder of Anand Ashram, He told me it's good to aware people about this devil but what's the use of that? People have no other options. Then I thought of providing them a genuine authentic option for all their health related requirements.
Today, I have stated online organic store
I am promoting Natural Farming Among the farmers and selling their products on my online store.
And my recent Eureka movement is when I got 1st order on my recently launched online store after 4 years of social work and 6 months of business setup efforts in this direction