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Kunal Chaudhari

Co-Founder & Engineer, eChai Ventures. Father. Novice Farmer. Proud Indian.

Computer engineer, Father and Novice farmer. Started career at small companies to start my own venture and than joined Point10 Ventures to work on bigger problems which eventually resulted into a fascinating journey of eChai ventures.

Doing eChai since 5+ years and will be doing that for life time.

Very excited after launching a sneak peak version of Co.Rise. Social network of eChai ventures.

Currently, Co-founder at eChai ventures and working on Co.Rise. platform connecting entrepreneurs..

How I can add value to fellow Entrepreneurs?

I can help people to solve the problems in Technology domain -like designing System architecture, Programming etc.

What I am looking for?

Ruby on Rails Programmer or Anyone who wants to learn Ruby on Rails. Design people. Copy writers. People interested in Web and Mobile Development.

Interest Areas