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Dhruv Gupta CoRiser

A Researcher turned Entrepreneur

Dhruv Gupta is a Computer Scientist by certificate and a Mathematician by hobby. He is a strong believer of empathy driven approach and follower of Design Thinking.

He is a highly motivated scholar working in area of Machine Intelligence. He is team-oriented with the ability to develop and execute ideas and initiatives. Challenges and problems are something which excites him. Passionate to his dreams he is a sanely insane person who had a wide horizon of thinking and is always ready to learn new things. With development capability of modelling solutions to the problems, he developed himself as a researcher and now into an entrepreneur.

Influenced by technologies like Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Inference Systems, Digital Image processing, Computer Vision and Digital Data Hiding, he has been developing Soft Computing techniques for various applications in various domains including digital data hiding, computer vision, behavioral sciences and inference making. His love towards mathematics has always encouraged him to go for the solutions of open ended problems, and he has worked towards an enhanced set theory for quite some time.

He is also enthusiastically working to gain a hold on Web3.0 and while developing a memory optimized BlockChain architecture.

With all the learning and experience he had gained with his successes and failures, Dhruv is now building up his next venture, ProfiledSkin, to bring a huge change in the e-commerce world.

How I can add value to fellow Entrepreneurs?

Network, Brainstorm, Design Thinking

What I am looking for?

Problems to solve