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Leap Fintech 2017

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"LeapFintech is an exclusive gathering of India’s top financial institutions, leading venture investors, and most promising fintech startups."

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Evolution from Finance to Fintech - Vivek Belgavi, Partner, PWC

"Join us as we explore the chain of events that led to the disruption of finance a decade ago. We'll look at how technology and regulations have evolved and opened avenues for disruption in almost every aspect of finance, from payments to lending and saving to investments. Examine how technology, regulations, data, funding and infrastructure innovations gave way to the evolution of one of the most regulated sectors, and conversely, one of the most innovative sectors in India - FinTech."

The Next Paradigm Shift in FinTech: From Rajdhani to Hyperloop

"In the next three years, the Indian FinTech market is expected to double generating exponential opportunities that entrepreneurs can take advantage of. To reach this potential, the FinTech sector in India will have to quickly navigate tech, regulation & discruption, such as the impact of GST and interoperable digital infrastructure (UPI, BBPS, India Stack, etc.), regtech, and more. Don't miss the train! This session helps startups learn the ins and outs of how this sector will dramatically shift in the coming years."

Reality Check: Solving Problems that Matter ( Market Opportunities Panel)

"Don't miss the opportunity to hear retailers, government, corporations and financial institutions uncover their pain points. In this session, we'll be exploring the real issues that need solving and what partnership opportunities could potentially exist as you build your solutions. Let's drill down on the specific business problems that can be solved using data, analytics, AI, modelling.

Ishan Manaktala, Managing Director, IHS Markit
Srikanth Rajagopalan, Head BFSI & Fintech, Amazon Internet Services
Varun Rathi, Co-Founder, Happay
Tarun Sareen, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank Group
Deepak Sharma, Chief Digital officer, Kotak Mahindra Bank"

Data: FinTech's New Currency (Data & Security Track)

"Data is the backbone of FinTech. Learn how new models are shaping up by blending alternate data sources with traditional ones. The increased velocity, variety and volume of data is changing the way we lend, invest, pay and repay. Data is helping us personalize our services at scale and optimize our business performance. Tune in as we discuss the ways FinTech is leveraging data to its advantage and also highlight the potential pitfalls of data misuse, such as the data privacy threat.

Gautam Sinha, CEO, Times Internet
Bala Srinivasa, Partner, Kalaari Capital
Prithvijit Roy, Co-Founder, BRIDGEi2i Analytics
V R Govindarajan, Director, Perfios
Nihit Nirmal, Head of Product, Lendingkart"

Alternative Lending: Credit to those who need it the most! ( Alternative Lending Track)

"Alternative lending has long been a saving grace for those with poor credit scores or nonexistent credit scores. In this session, the panel will discuss what it means to be a "future prime" (i.e. someone who could be creditworthy in the near future) and how to unlock future primes through alternate data sets and creating new vertical segments from student loans and SME loans. Which segments are showing better potential for loan repayment and lower fraud rates? Which ones will scale? Will there be players in vertical lending? Will banks continue to wait and watch or will they start increasingly partnering in lending to some of these segments?

Priya Sharma, Co-Founder, ZestMoney
Sahil Kini, Principal, Aspada Investments
V Raman Kumar, Chairman, Cashe
Aditya Singh, Co-founder, Creditmate
Nitya Sharma, Co-founder, SIMPL"

Building for scale: minimum pain for maximum gain! ( Payments Track - Powered by PayU)

"Digital payment mechanisms have exploded with the rise of FinTech, but a payment app is only as successful as the number of merchants it onboards and its number of active users. In this session, we'll be addressing three key questions to the development of digital payment apps:

How does a payment app scale beyond a few million users and reach the people in Tier III cities and villages who need it the most?

What strategies can be used to onboard millions of merchants & who'd fund it?

How do retailers onboard with the overwhelming plethora of payment choices that are being introduced to users and how do they train their staff to align with these? How do they reconcile multiple accounts?

Rajeev Agrawal, CEO, Innoviti
Amrish Rau, CEO, PayU India
Jeyandran Venugopal, CTO, Myntra
Sanjay Swamy, Managing Partner, Prime Venture Partners
Sharad Sharma, Co-founder, iSpirt"

Banking on Tech: Reaching the Real India ( Financial Inclusion Track)

"Despite the evident strides in digitizing financial services and making it accessible and affordable for all, over 40% of India's population is still unbanked or underbanked. Innovations such as UPIs and Aadhar codes are slowly making physical bank accounts irrelevant and bringing banking closer to the people that have long been marginalized. How can the financial inclusion gap be really addressed & made financially viable? And what risks exist today? This session examines the journey of finance from India to the heart of Bharat with a close look at the roles infrastructure, regulations, and personalized data must play to drive nationwide financial inclusion.

Srikrishna Ramamoorthy, Partner, Unitus Seed Fund India
Anuradha Ramachandran, Director, Omidyar Network
Madan Padaki, CEO, 1Bridge
Praveen Hari, Fellow, iSpirt
Prakash Sundaram, Chief Strategy Officer, Fincare Small Finance Bank"

Getting consumer to invest! ( Investments Track)

"Disposable income steadily increases each year in India. With the rise in disposable income, how can we capitalize on bionic investment advice? In this session, we will consider some of the biggest challenges to roboadvisory startups: how to build sufficient credibility to convince customers to trust you to manage their money, and how to affect evolving consumer habits.

Mukesh Kalra, Founder, ETMoney
Nithin Kamath, Founder, Zerodha
Rajat Agarwal, Vice President, Matrix Partners
Vasanth Kamath, Founder, SmallCase
Srinivas Jain, Executive Director, SBI Mutual Fund"

The Overlooked Insurance Opportunity (Insurance Track)

"Gradually, yet surely, technology and data are bringing in undeniable changes to the insurance industry. Join us as we explore the way Insurtech is changing the way you buy and use insurance products and how startups are introducing innovation to seemingly static areas like claims processing, premium pricing, fraud risk, and customer experience improvement. Hear how new data sets like geospatial imaging and electronic health data are making their way into underwriting processes.

Prabal Khanna, AVP - Strategic Initiatives, SwissRe
Upendra Namburi, Chief Innovation officer, Bharti Axa General Insurance
Ashish Gupta, CTO, PolicyBazaar
Nimesh Mehta, Founder, Rockmetric
Rakesh Ramachandran, Co-founder, Qbrics"

The Building Blocks of Blockchain (Blockchain Track)

We all know the revolutionary ability of Blockchain to make transactions faster and more secure. In this session, the speaker will take us through various blockchain case studies & help us understand the potential to solve complex issues by leveraging blockchain technology. Join us to better understand how the future of blockchain in India and how you can capitalize on the industry.

Abhishek Gupta, COO, TLabs
Praveen Jayachandran, Research Scientist, IBM Research
Sathvik Vishwanath, CEO, Unocoin
Varun Nagarajan, Head of Business Dev, KrypC
Rathnaprabha Manickavachagam, Head of Digital Innovation, Societe Generale