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Highlights from Nasscom Product Conclave North 2017

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We've contextually curated the conversations about Nasscom Product Conclave North 2017.

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Product Showcase

Innovative Product companies showcasing at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2017 - North.

Welcome Note by Subinder Khurana, Venture Advisor, SRI Capital

Entrepreneur with a successful track record. Specialize in analytics and platform-based solutions. Built businesses, sold and delivered products and services, both in India and globally. | Have been on the Advisory Board of several startups, including Druva Software, Authbridge, WTI Cabs, Denave, Broadcast2World and Power2SME. Chaired TiECon Delhi 2013. Board member, TiE Delhi.

Fire Side Chat: Kavin Bharti Mittal in Conversation with Arun Seth

Catch up with founder of the strongest completion to Whatsapp in India with about 100 million downloads and explore what makes Hike what it is today. Kavin will answer questions such as: What are the major technology and social changes you have seen over the last few years? What was the largest setback or challenge you faced and how did you find your way out of it? How do you see AR, VR, Machine Learning evolving and shaping how products are built? Any pointers you'd like to share at this platform for all those who are building tech-products for India?

The Fintech Cloud is Raining Money!

Two entrepreneurs and active angel investors share their views and experience of how Fintech is redefining Banking. With all the new companies, are all the opportunities taken, or are we just scratching the surface? Does this mean the end of Banks, or Banks will transform and co-exist with new-age Fintech players? How will Fintech offerings integrate with products from other spaces to create more value for customers? What opportunities exist for new products in the space?

SaaS Products : Around the World in 180 days

So you have built your SaaS product and are ready to launch it for eagerly awaiting global customers. How do you start? Successful SaaS marketers who have taken their products global will talk about the first 180 days of the journey – what infrastructure to build first, how to find your first international customers, when to crank-up the marketing spend, how to handle customer communication and support challenges, what works, what to avoid, how to scale.

Designing for User Engagement

The holy grail for every product owner is to have the perfect user engagement, and the race is forever on to identify the next big thing in solidifying this relationship with the consumer. Is Gamification the dark horse in this race of 2017?

The OS of Trust

UID has enabled instant, online identity verification. Yet would you trust a stranger just because you can verify their name? How do you ensure the person you are dealing with is not a habitual defaulter, even a criminal? Instant trust is not possible as long as customer or partner on-boarding remains a very manual, lengthy and costly process. The panel will cover the new Trust Infrastructure -- the technology and social infrastructure to instantly verify not just the identity, but the profile and reputation of who you are dealing with.

Product Marketing

Understanding the practical aspects of go-to market for startups and how it may be different than large companies. The session takes a more hands on approach on positioning and building the necessary elements for a solid gotomarket plan to acquire the first 100 customers and beyond.

For the Love of Science

The panel will showcase Deep Tech companies who have successfully crossed the chasm. What does it take to create deep new technology and convert it into commercial success in India? Hear how they started, grew, and created a business out of science. Silicon Valley does not have a monopoly on cutting-edge science & technology ventures anymore!

Selling to South East Asia

Look to the East, there are riches to be found! Should product companies prefer South East Asia to Western markets? What countries should you explore? What sales and corporate models work in these geographies? How do you decide whether the SE Asia market is appropriate for you? What are the costs and risks? How do you get started?

Small Towns, Big Ideas

Companies are creating winning s/w products from Bhopal, Amritsar and other small towns. What are the advantages of being in a small town? How to overcome the challenges of talent availability, access and community? How can you create a product company in your hometown and enjoy both local adulation and global success?

Investors Envisioning the Future: What am I betting on today?

Crystal gazing for creators of products, technologies and ventures. Where are the big undiscovered opportunities that will create wealth over the next 5-10 years? Hear from experts who are ready to back their predictions with hard cash.