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Highlights from KStartInstitute 2017 organized by Kalaari Capital

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Kstart Institute enables entrepreneurs to upskill easily. They recognise the journey from Founder to CEO is arduous and one of constant learning. The Institute aims to empower founders reach full potential through an engaging experience that focuses on sharing best practices and effective hands-on learning from pioneers and leaders in the startup ecosystem.

We've contextually curated the conversations about KStartInstitute 2017 organized by Kalaari Capital

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Effective CEO Mastering

Effective CEO Mastering
As organisations grow, smart founders evolve as leaders in their journeys and go on to build great teams with right organisational cultures. Institutionalisation of the company vision and self awareness are key components to transition into effective CEOs. Ravi Venkatesan hosts industry veterans Narayan Murthy & Kiran Mazumdar Shaw to share their experiences on leading organisations.

Governance = Valuation?

Does Governance take a backseat for you? Did you know governance impacts valuations? Zia Mody, an acknowledged legal expert, leads you through a workshop on how to make effective governance the core DNA of a company without compromising on efficiency.

Go-to-Market Framework

An effective Go-To-Market(GTM) strategy is critical for a company to scale quickly. Individual strategies may differ but fundamentals of effective GTM remains similar. Raghunandan, founder of Taxi-For-Sure shares his experiences on GTM strategy.Ted Rybeck’s experience of creating market entry strategies for multiple companies will help you discover a powerful go-to-market strategy.

Scaling Up: Get it Right

Scaling is one of the toughest challenges that founder’s face. Achieving scale is not always about doing more, it is more often about doing less and focussing on what works. Anjali Bansal, Manu Kumar Jain,Ashish Hemrajani, Pranay Chulet & Mukesh Bansal share learnings and takeaways you can apply in scaling your business.

Navigating Success and Embracing possibilities

Vani Kola and Ratan Tata in a dialogue to glean lessons for today's entrepreneurs from Mr. Tata's extraordinary journey.

Daring to Dream - Path to Podium Finish

Pullela Gopichand, a sporting legend and a successful entrepreneur, will share how he dared to dream and how he achieved it both on and off the court.

Leapfrogging to a Cashless Economy

India is in the midst of a major transformation. Hear from the leaders who are siezing this opportunity and what it means to realizing new India's aspirations.

Blazing a Trail for the Next Generation

First generation tech entrepreneurs of India reveal learnings from their journey off the beaten path.