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#Venture Update #Product update

We are proud to release our first product - #SpeakUp

Tired of going through the process of being heard loud and clear? 

Sent that query to HDFC last week and still waiting for their reply?

Wondering whom to reach out to for the delayed refund of your IRCTC ticket?

Want to let Dominos know how much you adore their service?

We have all been there someday, sometime -haven’t we? 

Try  SpeakUp, India's first free one-stop feedback platform. They don't promise you that your concern will get resolved but yes, they will make sure you are heard at the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME by the RIGHT PEOPLE. Send in your complaint/ suggestion/ feedback to any organization through Twitter, Facebook and Email, all in one go! Download SpeakUp - Feedback made easy - for a hassle free experience right now. 

Download link: 

(Currently we are in testing/beta mode so you may experience few errors or bugs. Request you to bear with us in the interim)

This is our (Dhwani's) first attempt to launch a product. Humble request to try this app. I am sure you will have or might face some concern with service providers (For eg : Uber, Paytm, Mcdonald's, Airtel, SBI etc.)

#eChai #CoRisers #EarlyAdopters

In addition to our popular series of eChai Demo Days and weekly eChai UX Forums, now will be regularly hosting eChai Apps Demo Days.
As part of that, we are creating a group of #CoRisers for a very specific purpose - to explore the products from fellow entrepreneurs, become early adopters, download the apps, give early feedback and idea to help them grow.

We are creating a WhatsApp group of such #CoRisers ( We are good at managing this one :-) ) and also relevant platform will be available at where people can post about their products to get feedback from the community.

This will be significantly complimented by our physical eChai Demo Days & eChai App Demo Days.

Do let us know if you wish to be part of this interesting #CoRise experiment.

ps: Just imagine, if we have 100 such #CoRisers - then every time some when have some one to demo their venture and immediately they'll get 100+ downloads, early feedback and also some of the brightest minds will be spending some time to help them grow further. That would be pretty awesome!

..Toh Phir Ho Jaaye eChai :-)

#Agilean Solutions Private Limited

Short 2 min Video about Agilean:

Agilean is highly flexible, collaborative and user-friendly software tool for any kind of software and product management.

Agilean will focus on:
1)Flow Efficiency:
Identifying the customer value flows and making them more efficient (adding Value & Eliminating Waste) and creating project phases accordingly by Agilean
2)Enable Full Transparency:
Complete and accurate information of a status of work. Visualisation could be achieved through a board. Everyone has visibility on what is happening
3)Continuous Improvement:
Agilean helps you optimise your workflow by removing bottlenecks and waste from your process adapt to changes too quickly
4)Short Feedback Loop:
Feedback is critical. we need close collaboration between customer and we deliver partially implemented features and validate and tune the engine.
5)Create Most Value:
Understand our value flow, how we develop and deliver the product to customer, and identify activities that are wasteful and eliminate them
6)Improve Responsiveness
Need to have process and tools that can accommodate changes quickly, work closer to customers, demonstrate the product early and welcome then feedback and decide on Pivot or persevere strategy.

Sarma BKP
Mobile: 9535843000

We recently launched a Product called "Quick Address API" ( demo: We are offering first-month free trial for the earlier adopter.

Quick Address API help startups like ecommerce, hyperlocal etc. to increase the profit by 15-20%.

Full explanation :

Please do contact: or any leads will be helpful.

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