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Hello to #CoRisers,

We are about to finish our photo editing app #camorify. It's already available for iOS on Apple App Store. You can get an idea about the app by visiting this URL:

We are going to roll out a Beta release for Android soon. If you're using photo editing or image editing app a lot, we need you to be our very first pre-release user.

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Camorify is a perfect blending of 3 top chart apps on iOS.

Normally when we talk about entrepreneurship or any entrepreneur, there is always a very classy successful story connected to it. And though we enjoy reading that but at the same time it doesn’t leave much impact on us. Why? Because we don’t feel connected to it. As when we hear few entrepreneur’s stories it senses like they were made for it or they had some early signs of becoming an entrepreneur. Maybe they had achieved many accolades since their childhood and we were just busy in going with the flow and being average novice each time.

So does that mean that entrepreneurship is only for the few handpicked winning personalities? No, here we have collection of stories of few leaders, who were not born to be successful, but they created their own path towards success, they chose courage, innovation in their life.

And this is the first story of an average common person walking ardently with some uncommon dreams in his eyes, Aman Kumar, the Co-founder of TEESHOOD, a customized merchandize store.
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DAMN! I just watched Doctor Who Season 2 Episode 1. The episode happens in a hospital billions of years later. Today some hours ago, I had gone to a hospital after some months.

The Doctor Who episode is related to developing medicines for cures. Today when I had taken the prescription to a chemist shop outside the hospital, a chemist had said that the doctor is good because she has prescribed the lower cost versions of the medicines unlike what the other doctors do.

Regarding affordable medicines, you can also see my recent article

Few hours before watching Doctor Who, I had shared this Facebook post from Georgia Tech on my wall. Georgia Tech has invented a painless microneedle flu vaccine patch that works just as well as a shot and in this Doctor Who episode, see how the humans are cured

Modi-Trump meet: 'US approves sale of 22 Guardian drones to India'

Sale of these drones is "a game changer" for US-India relations as it operationalises India's status of 'major defence partner'.

Govt sources said the decision was communicated to the Indian govt and the manufacturer by the State Department on Wednesday.

A short while before reading this news, I had watched Doctor Who Season 1 Episode 7 which is titled The Long Game.

Moreover, the episode is related to broadcast news and earlier today work was done on a client (a major company in India) website to update its news section.

I'll share this and more about the drone in another article.

I read the above news in

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