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We're Travel Startup. I've tried to build website on my own but it's not working. I've consult some web developers but they's charging whooping like 30k-50k. I've already purchased hosting, domain etc.
Kindly guide me how to go through?
How other start up who are not from computer background have built such good websites?

Boni satani @bonirulzz

Jigar -
1) Take help of a company since you are serious
2) Most of the IT companies located in Ahmedabad are serving foreign clients and hence may tried to charge you high
3) Reach out to more companies and you might find a company who can develop the website within your budget. (Or try some freelancers who are working full-time and are ready work on your project)
4) Best Place to find them would be various Jobs or Put Me In touch Facebook group

Hope this helps