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#CoRise Seed Prize

A radical initiative to help entrepreneurs with finance part.

The #CoRise Seed Prize is given to a promising startup from the eChai community. 100 Entrepreneurs take a pledge to support the #CoRise Seed Prize winner - by providing the Rs. 1,00,000 seed money, by being the customer/evangelist/partner of the winning startup and leveraging their business resources to help the #CoRise Seed Prize winner succeed.

Corise seed 1

Past winners


Co-Founded by two promising entrepreneurs - Naimish Sakhpara & Hardik Sondagar

MyWedStory is Digitizing the wedding experience by bringing together all the guests, photos and excitement of wedding at one place.

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Nominate your startup for #CoRise Seed Prize

Each month, we award the #CoRise Seed Prize to a startup from the eChai community. The #CoRise Seed Prize winner receives Rs. 1,00,000 — and support from the eChai community.

Important Dates:

August 21 #CoRise Seed Prize Nominations Open
August 29 #CoRise Seed Prize Nominations close
August 29 - September 5 eChai Ventures team will conduct detailed interview of each of the applicant and they will be showcased at
September 6 - September 9 #CoRise Entrepreneurs will vote for their favorite startup. Startup with maximum votes will be declared as winner.
September 10 Winner Announcement & Award Ceremony

Become a CoRiser - Contribute to #CoRise Seed Prize

100 Entrepreneurs have shown belief in #CoRise by pledging to contribute Rs. 1000 every month and additional business resources for startup kit. As of now we are giving #CoRise Seed Prize to 1 promising startup every month. If we get to 4000 entrepreneurs who are willing to experiment with this model - we'll be able to give a #CoRise Seed Prize to a promising startup everyday ! Our goal is to give #CoRise Seed Prize to a promising startup everyday.

Become a CoRiser

Why should I become a CoRiser?

  • Be a part of the amazing group of people who believe in #CoRise
  • Get early access to eChai's #CoRise Online Social Network
  • Opportunity to collaborate with fellow #CoRise Entrepreneurs
  • Better visibility among wider eChai Network both offline & online
  • Experience the #CoRise culture of what if 4000 entrepreneurs are there to help you succeed & community is there to help you Rise further
  • We all have had our own struggles and come out of them with flying colours. Here is a chance to play a role of a mentor/supporter in fellow entrepreneur's journey. You feel good about it smiley
  • Be a part of special eBook about 100 CoRisers - The Rising Sun.

Why #CoRise Seed Prize?

One of the larger idea for #CoRise Seed Prize and all the things we do at eChai Ventures is the Collaboratively rising together.

We see a world where people just don't wait for themselves to be super successful and then think about supporting fellow entrepreneurs. One can certainly play a positive role in fellow entrepreneur's journey - if not thru monetary support but probably by being a early adopter, being the customer, being the partner and/or by being the evangelist.

The monetary contributions for #CoRise Seed Prize are the just beginning and greatest value for a wining startup will be like 100 entrepreneurs saying that - we'll always be there with you. And friends who are not part of that list can also certainly play a great role for some of the winning startups or other startups from the community.

Get in touch with Jatin Chaudhary, Co-Founder & Salesman, eChai Ventures., 0823 896 8939 for more info.


Here is the list of CoRisers

The wonderful people who are contributing to the #CoRise Seed Prize

Amit Panchal

Amit Panchal CoRiser

Co-Founder and CEO, All Events in City @allevents_in

  • All Events in City
  • Ahmedabad, India
Ruchit Patel

Ruchit Patel CoRiser

Techpreneur, Co-founder, World's Largest Event Discovery Platform "All Events in City"...

  • All Events in City
  • Ahmedabad
Jatin Chaudhary

Jatin Chaudhary CoRiser

Salesman @eChaiVentures l Good at managing WhatsApp groups n organizing high quality,...

  • eChai Ventures
  • Ahmedabad
Kunal Chaudhari

Kunal Chaudhari CoRiser

Co-Founder & Engineer, eChai Ventures. Father. Novice Farmer. Proud Indian.

  • eChai Ventures
  • Ahmedabad, India
Rutvik Dave

Rutvik Dave CoRiser

Co-Founder of - A smarter way to wait in a queue.

  • Centramation Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ahmedabad
shethwala mitesh

shethwala mitesh CoRiser

Founder - (Gujarat's First Fashion E-commerce Marketplace for Local Brands...

  • Alagrand Retail Private LImited
  • Ahmedabad

rajnikant CoRiser

A Student for ever, A TechnoSavvy and Software Enginner. I am curious about...

  • Ahmedabad, GUJ, India
Pramesh Jain

Pramesh Jain CoRiser

Technology Entrepreneur , Founder of WebMob Technologies.

  • WebMob Technologies
  • Ahmedabad , India
Kaartik Shankar Iyer

Kaartik Shankar Iyer CoRiser

Founder of Infigic Digital / Growth hacker/ eCompreneur/ Yogi

  • Infigic Digital
  • India
Pratik Machchar

Pratik Machchar CoRiser

  • Vyaap Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Ahmedabad
Daniel D'Costa

Daniel D'Costa CoRiser

Tech Ventures is a digital/mobile start-up, focused on offering solutions to SMB’s.

  • Tech Ventures
  • Vadodara
Pratik Dholakiya

Pratik Dholakiya CoRiser

Experienced in all things online/digital marketing. Entrepreneur. Growth Hacker....

  • E2M Solutions
  • Ahmedabad
Nagarajan M

Nagarajan M CoRiser

Created India's first 100% WiFi Taluka. Bureaucrat exploring the intersection of...

  • Ahmedabad
Syed Nadeem Jafri

Syed Nadeem Jafri CoRiser

Retail Entrepreneur, Marketing & Communication Consultant, Visiting Faculty

  • Hearty Mart
  • Ahmedabad
Mitesh Sanghvi

Mitesh Sanghvi CoRiser

Founder: , & ...

  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Parth Shah

Parth Shah CoRiser

  • Vivez Lifescience
  • Ahmedabad
Hardik Manwani

Hardik Manwani CoRiser

Geek by Nature, Entrepreneur by Choice.

  • HMMbiz Web Solutions
  • Ahmedabad

Hardik CoRiser

  • Ahmedabad
Prashant Jain

Prashant Jain CoRiser

Everything is fake in this fake world...............!!!

  • ranaji
  • Udaipur
Nirav Shah

Nirav Shah CoRiser

VP - Technology Delivery, @sooryentech #Entrepreneur, Cricket Crazy, Football Fanatic.

  • Sooryen Innovation Labs
  • Ahmedabad
Vishal Joshi

Vishal Joshi CoRiser

Co-Founder & COO

  • BitsnBinary
  • Ahmedabad
Ruchit Surati

Ruchit Surati CoRiser

  • Locanix
  • Ahmedabad
Nishit Jariwala

Nishit Jariwala CoRiser

Foodie - Photographer - Traveller - Storyteller - Art & Nature Lover - Dreamer

  • BuddyBits
  • Surat, Gujarat
Kavan Solanki

Kavan Solanki CoRiser

Ashish Parik

Ashish Parik CoRiser


  • Ahmedabad
Pankaj Bhimani

Pankaj Bhimani CoRiser

iRis TechSol LLP is cloud telephony solution provider and system integrator.

  • Iris TechSol LLP
  • Ahmedabad
Dhruv Gupta

Dhruv Gupta CoRiser

A Researcher turned Entrepreneur

  • ProfiledSkin
  • Ahmedabad, India
Deep Patel

Deep Patel CoRiser

Co Founder at

  • InterestShip
  • Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar
Akash Kotadia

Akash Kotadia CoRiser

Founder at Back-End Programmer, Gambler, Tech Entrepreneur, Loves to...

  • Ahmedabad, India
Jaydip Parikh

Jaydip Parikh CoRiser

Digital Marketing BABA, Speaker, Trainer, SEO/Social Media/eCom Consultant, #Jugadu,...

  • Tej SolPro
  • Ahmedabad
Kumar Manish

Kumar Manish CoRiser

Communications & Social Media Strategist | Social Entrepreneur | ViceCurator...

  • Ahmedabad | India