As more and more people are connecting to their "passion" they are without realizing entering into a dangerous zone. I have been experiencing this since last 5 years so it isn't a big deal for me - yet I do get tongue-tied from time to time.

What is so bad about pursuing our passion that's so dangerous?

The danger of identity is the biggest issue we come across everyday. People like me are asked - "But How?". The thing is when I meet new people in my professional circles, the introduction part is a bit of exhausting thing. 

You see, I spearhead eChai Indore and I am also Founder of Kaffeinated Konversations . Apart from this I am freelance content writer too. Literature, content, entrepreneurship, arts and culture, psychology - too many things and it leaves people confused as to 'Who Am I?' and leaves me guessing what I should reply to their questions about my work. After all, I don't like to brag but the this long list is just on the bragging territory! 

So I am confronted with two things:

1. She is bragging so much!

2. She isn't focused.

For long I was trying to find the answer to my own thoughts on how to fit this "Who Am I" into an explanation that people can relate to. For 4 years, I kept dealing with it in various ways and then I stumbled on this book -

Here are the highlights of the book "The Multi-hyphen Method" by Emma Gammon that appealed to me. I am sure you also might be thinking that it is relevant to you too!

1. Generational Myths have cornered us. The older generation might view the Millennials as just not committed on working full hours. They might also view the constant job change or profession shift has lack of focus.

2. The academics might not be exactly aligned with the profession pursued or rather it might be totally opposite. That makes people wonder about the career growth.

3. The outcome is that people are more into pursuing their passion or something they enjoy doing. It could have been started as a hobby and then they made it their vocation.

4. The multi-hyphen method of work is the way to explore one's talents and strengths. It gives a person a variety and also 

5. The millennials are into flexible methods of work. If they can get the work done in 4-5 hours they won't work more. They then devote their time to other kinds of work or relax.

6. The problem of work-life balance is more or less solved if a person is following this method of work. Though it has its own pros and cons like full-time job does - this method still has a good edge over other methods of career growth. 

7. Personal development is also a great booster. Apart from growing professionally - as a person one does accrue advantages. Your own work timings and your own pay standards are made as per your level of expertise and approach.

8. Freelancing work is a common way to approach this format. Other than that people are also into consulting, mentoring and training as part of the career plan. This not only provides access to network and meet people but also get tracking on their own skills.

9. The idea is to micro-manage your work and image instead of having a large pile up of one thing. A mix of various talents and skills make up for your work. This makes it easier to alter something or add something more to the repertoire of your skills along the way.

10. Work less, create more, and design a career that works for you - this is the mantra that those who follow the multi-hyphen model followers adopt. 

If you identify with these points then you are a "multi-hyphenate" and there's nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, your talents speak for themselves!


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