What follows the ‘I am‘ that comes out of your mind will determine the kind of life you will live. The 'I am' that comes out of your mind is impactful more than you can imagine. Say for instance, many a times you look at yourself in the mirror and you’ll say to yourself ‘I am not that good looking’, when you get stuck in traffic the next thing that comes out of your mind is’ I am so unlucky’.

Remember when you just finished a tough examination in your school, the next thing you said was- I am not going to do well in that exam. Be mindful of what follows your’ I am’.

When you say I am in trouble, the universe hears it, and before you know it trouble may starts looking for you. If you really want to change your life, you have to stay positive all the time. Let what follows the ‘I am’ that comes out of your mind be positive. Begin to use the words, ‘I am blessed’ before you know it blessing comes looking for you. The words that comes out of our mind is very powerful, we just have to be conscious of what follows the ‘I am’.

Everybody on the face of the planet that has accomplished something big in life today must have experienced some difficulties on their way to stardom. You may want to ask yourself this,

How were they able to manage and pull through all the difficult times?

Don’t think too much, their positive energy is want keeps them strong in the face of trouble. No matter how bad the business you are running today is, you just have to remain positive and believe in your fucking self every single day.

Now the good news, we have the ability to choose whatever comes into our lives by what follows the’ I am ‘that comes out of our mind.

Why you need to stay positive

Wake up and believe that you are going to crush it today. It’s high time you let go of all the negativity in your life.

Instead of going around having negative thoughts about yourself, thinking about how bad you looked, how bad you performed, you just have to have to look at the bigger picture, your beauty does not lie in your facial look or a good/bad day at work. Your beauty lies in the efforts and hustle you do every single day with the right intent. Now if you can renew your mind and stay positive all the time, then you will begin to see yourself better than before.

What are the reasons to stay positive all the time?

- Research has shown that positive minded people are more psychologically stable and healthier than pessimists

- Pessimist are more likely to suffer from depression which might lead to suicide

- Being positive all the time enhance your health and boost or performance in whatever you do.

- You begin to feel better about yourself which might help in your relationship with others.

- When you stay positive, no injury to your self-esteem.

- With a positive mind, you’ll begin to feel a lot more fulfilled in all you do.

There is a lot special about everyone of us, there is no way in which we can escape coming in contact with things that makes us feel bad. We just have to stay on the right track and use the thoughts that to shape your future, stay positive all the time and keep doing the right thing.

If you hope for a better life, it will happen. Call it karma, law of attraction or anything that fits in your dictionary, its always gonna work. A positive mental health with let you grind all your goals faster.

Keep achieving.


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