Let’s understand simple formula to get the best performance from employees.

Formula: P = F (M, A, E) Where P: Performance, F: Function, M: Motivation, A: Ability, E: Environment

Ability of employees can be acquired through

 RIGHT HIRING: Focus is on hiring for potential and character of the person, rather than primarily on skill set. New employees are welcomed and assimilated into the team with orientation programs, personal mentorship etc...

 DEVELOPMENT: Focus is on nurturing individuals’ gifts to foster personal growth and development as well as offering job specific training.

Motivation of employees can be improved through

 THANKING: Recognizes and rewards good work and extra levels of effort; strives to create a climate of approval and reinforcement.

 CARING: A multiplicity of systems and programs are put in place for creating a caring environment for the individual and his/her family.

 SHARING: Employees share in the fruits of their labour in a variety of ways; rewards should be distributed equally.

Environment (Good Work culture) can be generated through

 LISTENING: Special open systems for incorporating peoples’ ideas, for including people in decision-making, and enabling them to air their concerns and grievances.

 SPEAKING: Management goes to great lengths to be open and transparent, offering access to information across the board, enabling and encouraging employees to contribute beyond the scope of a narrowly defined job.

 INSPIRING: Employees learn and understand how their job has meaning for the organization and for society, beyond earning a salary and making a profit for the business.

 CELEBRATING: Celebrations of both personal milestones and company successes are built into the way people work together.

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