Today's #FoundersInAhmedabad story is about TejSolPro.

TejSolPro is a full-service digital marketing agency which specializes in SEO, Social Media Marketing, #PPC, and other digital marketing solutions.

Here's an insightful and candid conversation with Jaydip Parikh, Founder, TejSolPro.

How would you describe TejSolPro in 1 Sentence?

Digitizing businesses not by selling packages but by providing solutions and registering happy satisfied customers.

When did you get started with your venture? How did you acquire the early customers for TejSolPro?

After working for 10 years in the field I knew the power of digital resources and the scope of digital marketing. Working for this long in the field I realized one thing that companies did not utilize the power of Digital Marketing in Gujarat. 

One major reason behind this was the lack of awareness. So with this agenda on the mind, I dreamt of establishing the biggest digital marketing agency. I quit my job and established this agency to help multiple companies instead of just one company.

I got clients from the network I created. Apart from that, I used to be a part of various forums and events and shared my knowledge of Digital Marketing through them. That also helped us to build a network and also do branding for Tej SolPro.

How did you meet your co-founder and/or the first employee?

Again I had a good network which had highly talented professionals from this field. I found my first employee from my network who equally believed in my initiative.

What are the interesting numbers about TejSolPro that you would want to share with the community?

We have generated 23,00+ for our clients and millions of traffic for them. Also, we have renowned brands under our belt like RIL, Bayer, YourStory to name a few.

Which is the most recent challenge you faced and how did you overcome that?

Well, the recent one was how to answer this question! And I overcame that by making a certain target for myself. I learned a lot while attaining a specific turnover target for the financial year 2018-19. 

Learning from my mistakes and thus preparing my list of DOs and DON’Ts I wish to make that number 3x for the next year.

What are your growth plans for the next 1 year?

We plan to open regional offices in different metro-cities. Also, We now plan to broaden our vision and provide 360-degree marketing services to our clients.

What was that key moment of TejSolPro's journey that put TejSolPro in a high growth trajectory?

So after I started my venture I faced difficulties to establish a name in this field. I fetched a good number of clients through my network but my venture had very few big clients under its belt. 

So at that time, Infibeam Aqui-hired us. When they Aqui-hired us the digital industry got to know the capability of Tej SolPro and that helped to register some more big clients in the books of Tej SolPro. 

You can ask more questions to Jaydip in the comments section.
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