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10 ways you can use to connect with fellow entrepreneurs:

  1. #CoRiseWall: Which are the interesting weekly updates - what interesting stuff you are awaiting next week. Anything you feel you would want to share with the community. Launching a new feature ? Got a new office ? Hiring team ? Looking for more talent ? Got funding or looking for funding ? Scaled up or scaling up ? Got more clients ? Won an award? Featured in news? Any interesting anecdote or experience that you would want to share ? Share it with the community at #CoRiseWall.

  2. Complete Your Profile: You can also edit Your profile, with relevant info about you and your interest areas and skills. It will be really very useful when people want to search for certain kinds of people from the community in specific location with specific interest area/skill sets. i.e. Amit Panchal, Co-Founder,

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  3. Conversations: There are many things you want to discuss with fellow entrepreneurs - there are many things you want to know about and many things where you want to share your experiences i.e. What was their first income as an entrepreneur ? What inspires them the most and why ? - We already have many entrepreneurs who have shared their insightful answers to all these conversations. You can also share your experiences and insights to make the conversations much more meaningful and helpful.

  4. Recommendations: Share recommendations for your favorite service providers/products or ask for recommendations for the ones you want to use and need recommendations from the community.

  5. Talent: Post your talent requirements or search for the right opportunities.

  6. Ideas: Share your idea that you are working on or want to work for and/or you want to discuss with the community.

  7. Posts: We are building this as an amazing knowledge base where we have entrepreneurs from the community to share their specific experiences of building a venture, insights and observations. Some of the major topics at eChai posts are - Team Building, User Experience, Growth Hacking, Failure, Sales, Communication and many others.

  8. Interviews: We have multiple formats of interviews - eChai Showcase, eChai with an Entrepreneur, The Rising Sun - Video series, eChai with Pioneers and many others. You can ask a question to any of the featured entrepreneurs there in the comment section.

  9. Events: This is the place where we share about the upcoming eChai and other interesting community events. You'll also able to see lots of interesting videos of these events there. You can also participate in upcoming eChai programs happening in your city.

  10. Curated Stories: Contextually curated stories from the web about the most interesting startup events, insights and news.

11 Interesting updates coming up at platform:

  1. eChai Offers: There are certain things that one would want to share with friends from the community at a very good deal i.e. discounted products, special offers or subscriptions, selling unused goods at very good price or in some cases you have a very good business offer which is not necessarily finding a co-founder but many other stuff - Franchisee, appointing re-sellers, joint venture or similar offers which you will be able to share it here.

  2. eChai Investor connect: We'll implement this feature where we'll be connecting potential investors with relevant startups that are looking for funding.

  3. Company profiles: you'll be able to create your company profiles on

  4. eChai Social: A kind of newsfeed of eChai content - we will show you all the interesting updates based on your interest areas/skill sets/kind of people you follow on comments/your activity n others.

  5. Location specific relevant content i.e. - in this page you'll be able to see all the enterprising people of Indore, kind of jobs being posted in Indore, posts from Indore entrepreneurs , kind of Indore specific service provider recommendations and similarly other content

  6. Online eChai Skills Challenges - App Challenge, Marketing Challenge, Business Model Challenge, Content Challenge etc.

  7. Live editions of eChai with an Entrepreneur, eChai with Pioneers n Sector-theme specific eChai RoundTables and eChai Demo Days.

  8. eChai Reading Lounge - This will be the place where you'l be able to share your favorite books, news and interact with interested friends from the community.

  9. eChai Discover: Discover awesome startups from 100 cities everyday. This will be more of an extension of our eChai Demo Days where startups that are about to launch can get listed - we'll have their review and early adopters will be able to try out their products to give them early feedback about UI/UX, Business Model, Communication Strategy, Product Development etc.

  10. Better integration among offline programs and online social network.

  11. eChai's Mobile App - We are working on it. It will be launched soon for the eChai Members.


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