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Flashtr - Futuristic Camera App Reinvented for You!

What is Flashtr?

Flashtr is a mobile camera app, which not only captures photos but also takes up the work of sharing the photos with your friends and also saves the photos safely forever.

In Flashtr, you can create new Albums instantly by giving the album a name and adding your selected friends to the album. 

Tell us more about your team ?

Plutomen is a team of 25 now and growing. Our team is experienced in technology areas such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mobility, Game Development, Web Technologies and 2D & 3D Animation Creation majorly. Plutomen was founded by 4 of us, Keyur Bhalavat, Hiren Kanani, Jankar Rajpara and Alen Abraham. We received seed fund from Nirav Patel, the MD of Abaj Group. Later, Ravi Patel joined us as a key member.

Keyur has more than 8 years of experience spanning from working with corporate giants such as Reliance Retail, HNG, KHS and founding a start-up which was later on acquired by SquareYards Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Keyur has done Engineering in Electronics & Communication and MBA in Marketing & Operation from IMT Nagpur.

Jankar is a technology expert with 6+ years of experience in mobile development & project management. He had also founded a technology firm called HJ Dimensions before forming Plutomen. Jankar is a MCA graduate.

Hiren is an IT development wizard with expertise of more than 6 Years in iOS Development and also cofounded HJ dimensions along with Jankar before forming Plutomen. Hiren, also is a MCA graduate.

I (Alen) was working with an IT MNC firm for 5 years before forming Plutomen. I have completed B.Tech in Electronics & Communication and MBA in Marketing & HR from IMT Nagpur.

How did you come up with the idea ?​​

Remember those nights when we had to stay up late to share the photos we clicked with our friends. It really is a task right, to share and safely save the photos once they are clicked.

Why is the default camera not smart enough to share and save photos by itself? This very thought led to Flashtr.

We had to brainstorm a lot to put together this into an acceptable form which will actually solve the above mentioned issues. We have also taken into consideration all of the current generation trends in clicking & sharing pictures while designing it.

What problem are you solving ?

Before we started using smartphones widely for clicking pictures, we used to develop the photographs we click and then make beautiful albums that last us a lifetime as memories. But somewhere along the path we have lost that culture of preserving photos once the smartphone camera took over.

We click a lot of photos these days and it really is a tedious task to share it with friends who need them and at the same time save the pictures in an organized manner. We are using apps such as WhatsApp for photo sharing which is not really meant for that. As a result we lose those precious moments and memories which otherwise should stay with us forever.

Flashtr is a camera app which can replace your default smart phone camera. Flashtr takes it upon itself to capture, share, organize and save your pictures in albums. All this in just one click.

How does it work ?

Flashtr can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Android App Store. One must register in the app using his/her phone number to use it.

On Flashtr camera screen, we will be able to see profiles in a horizontal scrollable space. If you wish to click and share a picture with a friend of yours, you just have to click on that friends profile icon. And the moment you click, the picture will be captured and automatically shared with that friend. In addition, it gets organized in an album format and saved in the free cloud storage. You may also capture and share photos in a similar way with a group of friends.

In addition Flashtr allows you to share:

In ‘Events’ you create (say a family function),

In public forums (such as World Cup or Ice Bucket Challenge) which in Flashtr is termed as ‘Festivals’

With your followers which we in the world of Flashtr we call ‘Global’

And click for your Private Album.

What is your target market ?

Flashtr is developed for anyone who wants to make memories last forever. We want to make it easy for them to collect, organize and save photos. Having all your memories safe at one place in an easily accessible format is one of the best thing which can happen to anyone.

What is your competitive advantage ?

Our competitive advantage is our unique algorithm which we developed after lots of brainstorming. We have provisional patent for this. This will give us a good base to start with. With our technology capability we can definitely add AI to this app which will be a great advancement.

How much time did it take you from conceptualization of 'your venture' to actually launching it in the market ?

We had to first develop the MVP and market test it before ideating the final product. After finalizing the concept, it took us 6 months of hard work to bring it to the final shape.

How do you plan to market your product? What are your customer acquisition strategies ?

We want to promote Flashtr all across the globe, it is a global product afterall. The best way to start is to engage users who really are in need of a product like Flashtr. For instance, the attendees of a wedding or a large event can be our user base. Universities or colleges can also be targeted as students move around in groups and click a lot of photos. The social features of the app can also help it spread. We want to approach our target segment offline as well as online through creative and engaging methods.

We are looking forward for right partnerships for marketing the app and few of our efforts have shown promising results so far.

What is the revenue model ?

We believe that it is too early to start thinking about revenue model. Right now it is just about developing a fabulous product people will love using.

What do you want to achieve from this? What is your larger goal or vision ?

Plutomen’s vision is to become one of the top technology firm in the world. Our mission is to bring together the best of talents and provide them with a fitting ecosystem to innovate. We wish to create phenomenal products which will add value to lives of people across the globe.

What sort of support and feedback are you looking from the community ?

We are an Indian technology company with global dreams. If we achieve what we have set out to achieve, it will bring a great change in the way Indian technology fraternity looks at business opportunities. We are looking at a future where there will be extraordinary products developed by Indian technology experts which will be used all around the world.

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