Ep8 Fundraising For Startups: Startup Investor Perspectives Ft. Bhadresh Khamar, CEO, Kegan Wellness & Angel Investor

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CEO, Kegan Wellness & Angel Investor
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We are introducing this weekly series of eChai Webinars every Wednesday evening where we'll bring the angel investors from the community to their perspectives about startup investing. It will be followed by an interactive dialogue with participants.

The first 'Startup Investors' Perspective' webinar will be held on March 18th, Wednesday from 7 pm to 8 pm.

- This session will be held online and is organized exclusively for eChai Members.

- eChai Members can register for free and non-member can get 1 Event pass for Rs. 59 @ https://echai.in/events/webinar-startup-investors-perspective-on-fundraising-for-startups to receive the webinar link.

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