Back to: Scaling a Startup Globally x Innocity (CIIE.CO, IIM Ahmedabad)
14 people went
Vishal Rewari

"Want to understand the nuances of taking it global"

Niranjan Thakar
Professional, ASK4SMS.CO

"for networking"

Rahil Jain

"Learning and Interacting"

Mitul Jain

"I want to know the global perspective of the startups

Dharm Soni

"Scaling start up"

Hasan Sunasara
Founder, Mr Video

"Reach global market"

Akash Agarwal


Himani Rahil

"To learn and connect."

Sanket Patel
Founder, BDS Ventures

"Learn how I can scale my company globally."

Jatin Chaudhary

"I will be moderating this meetup."

Shruti Jobanputra

"Want to network and analyse what kind of startup options available for global level."

Pratik Sheth

"In today's world if you're not thinking global you will left behind. Being an investor and in the nascent stage of my startup, it would be a great opportunity to experience the vision of the speakers and at the same time network with some like minded people."

Abid Ali


Zankar Jobanputra

"I want to know the new startup ideas and know what they are doing."