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Vikram Medtiya M

"To meet new sales gems"

Yogesh Bansal M

"To learn something that is unknown unknown is very important for me. "

Bee Mahimkar M

"Would love to hear other enterprenuers talk about their journey in developing sales strategies...."

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Smeb2b India M

"Learn and Share "

Vandana Teji M

"Enhancing my sales skills"

Mdco India M

"I want to assist start ups with financial help, and learn more about them"

Vansh Vora M

"interested in the sales strategies"

Lalit Vispute M

"understanding ecosystem"

Rinku Rajkhowa M

"The topic to be discussed isbof great interest to me and there will be a learning opportunity as well.
Networking with like minded individuals and businesses."

Mahesh Phalke M

"I wish to join this event to check out sales strategies for startups ..."