Modernize Your Business and Save Money - Rent Enterprise Grade Desktop, Laptops and Workstations

By: Ntronix Systems LLP

We sell, rent New/Refurbished quality Computers- Desktops, Laptops, Servers

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Save more by Renting essential IT equipment . When you're starting or growing a business, cash is often in short supply. One way to spend less is to Rent essential and critical hardware required for your operations instead of buying it.

->Companies and people rent equipment for several reasons:
->Saves Money by spending less and Improve your cash flow
->Keep pace with technology
->Eliminates responsibility of testing, maintenance, service
->Makes the project schedule easier to manage with on-demand resources.

Products we offer to Rent / Sell:

We offer rental program from 1 month to 3 years and in a variety of configurations to suit the customer's requirements.

Presently operating in PUNE | MUMBAI | NASIK only