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Shitalkumar Bathia- CEO, Goverdhan Greens Resorts- Dwarka.

Greens is something that was pre determined while envisaging the project. Now, when it comes to Greens, one looks for bigger space and hence decided to move out of mainland Dwarka.
As the property happen to be at Dwarka, it has to be associated with some or other form related to Dwarka. For. E.g. Westinn Greens or Gallops Greens, or Gulmohar Greens may not make any sense at Dwarka. Hence been through 1008 name of Shri Krishan, and finally shortlisted 3 from that,,, namely Goverdhan, Krishna and Madhusudhan - when co related with Greens,, Goverdhan Greens sounded clicked.. that's how finally dropped down choice to Goverdhan Greens.

Deepakkumar Tripathi @deepak-tripathi

I worked out for around 7 days to think for the name. I had to choose the name which is easy to pronounce and relevant to my business i.e. "Recruitment Consultancy/Company". Main issue was even I come up with very good name, its domain was already available with somebody else. I had done so many combination of 2 words and lastly come up with a nice combination: "Job + Hire" and created "Johire" that's my company's name...So it's well fitting to my business too and somewhat new too....

Yash Shah

Gridle. We wanted it to be a single word and we wanted it not to mean something so that when people come to our platform after hearing the name, they would not have any pre-conceived notions. Also, since for increasing productivity, we grid people into teams; hence: Gridle.

Nishit Jariwala

BuddyBits was launched as a social media site. Firstly it was named BuddyBurst. But then I thought it would be difficult for people to spell. So changed it to BuddyBits.

And Lysung Ventures was first AquaSoft Studio. My client suggested word Lysung (German word meaning solution). So I named it Lysung Ventures.

Akash Kotadia

I like abstract concept and aim to build platform-product, So abstraction is inherent notion in it. So, always wanted to name something which is generic yet simple. But then i found name which serve additional value as well.

"" = en + 'circle' .
Whole word 'encircle' means surrounding which perfectly reflect our proximity based product.

Circle is something which is generic.

'.io' implies Techie and its trending in startups now a days. Also its inclusion makes complete website address. It helps to eliminate Google search proxy in browser.

shethwala mitesh

Youdedicated! As it's an IT outsourcing firm Providing Dedicated Resources is one of the Business Model which we are focusing on. So "Dedicated" Stands for a resource who works on client's Project dedicatedly for 8 Hours Daily. "You" is for all the stakeholders we are dedicated to, like We are dedicated to employees, clients who so ever is connected with us. :)

Atit Purani

"Space-O Technologies", is a mobile development & solution provider company that follows the Space-zero approach, for Space-zero applications in the Space-zero world.

Space-O = "Space-zero"

Breaking Barriers in boundary less world:
As said above, Space-zero breaks the boundaries of physical world and that’s the spirit the organization reflects in more ways than one. We focus on geography neutral domain of mobile technologies and provide best solutions in that domain.

Add Zero. Add Value:
Adding zero to any number increases value. Our business is about adding value to the customers who are developing products for space-zero words.

Creating Infinite possibilities:
Zero and infinite are two opposite. "Space-zero", our business create infinite possibilities first to our business customers and eventually to the people and societies at the end of value chain.


Virdhara International is a manufacturer exporter of Indian Spices Company. The name Virdhara International was decided by combining my Name : Viraj and my Sister's Name : Dhara i.e. Virdhara and International because we do business globally.

Vivek Shah™

Capermint Technologies its a Mobile Game & App Development company . We choose our name like Caper + Mint : As Caper means "Happines " / "Joy" which is the part of Gaming and Mint means "Quick response " which is the part of our service . We are providing our service " On time with client happiness" .. So we choose "CAPERMINT" and technologies for " we are serving all the technologies like mobile game , app , web , graphics , Art , Comic book ..

Prasun Bannerjee

Our technology outsourcing services wing operates in the name of TICK TECH TOE.

The motto behind is, "ticking all the technology checkboxes of the clients' requirements, and making their work as easy as the game itself".

There's a product in development and its called WedWay, which is a SaaS product for weddings, and stands for 'wedding, the technology way'

Mayank Pratap Singh

EngineerBabu :- I am from very small town, I was only engineer in my town. By luck :) i got a chance to work in Facebook and Bit name, fame in my city. People started calling me EngineerBabu . I searched goDaddy and domain was available and so Registered company name as EngineerBabu :) .

Hardik Manwani

I started my venture when i was very young, I had no clue on what name should i keep. Me and my friends were thinking Hmm naaam kya rakhe and i added BIZ to it, so now its HMMBIZ Web Solutions. HMM are my initials too :)

Jignesh Gohel

I have spent lot of time on deciding the name as my criteria was to have a one word name that is easy to remember and can also represent my business goal. Here OLBUZ means: OL = OnLine BUZ = Business. We are mainly focusing on helping clients to start their online business through design, development and online marketing services and this is what our brand name is representing.

Sunny Pandya

We as a company always planned to exist in multiple domains. A name should be such that it does not derive a particular domain.Thus named it "quixom" = quick solutions. Quixom in itself does not mean anything but surely we will create an identity for that name. Cheers!

Amit Panchal

In our case, naming was very simple. We were building a site where one can explore all the events happening in any city. So we started exploring multiple options based on the availability of the domain name. The first name we searched was, unfortunately that was not available and bigrock suggested us The moment we read we started making sentences like all events in ahmedabad (, all events in chicago ( and so on. And quickly we bought the domain name and started working on the prototype. And we named it All Events in City -!

Naimish Sakhpara

MyWedStory is a simple way to bring together your wedding at one place. A platform to share all the moments, pictures and memories of your Wedding Story from Day One, giving you and your guests a personalised experience. So now whenever someone asks you, 'how was your wedding?' , you can simply share it and say 'This is MyWedStory '. And so the name :)

Sweta Joshi

For my first startup Advait Solution Provider, I wanted to have a name that was Indian, so after a lot of research i chose my favorite word in sanskrit 'Advait' which has lot of meanings but in general it means 'The Only'.The idea behind the name 'Our Vadodara' was to make all the barodians feel connected. And latest is 'Soulemetry' which is an amalgam of Soul+Chemistry as it will be all about love and finding the right person in your life.

Nikhil Talreja

Digital Upstarts started with a vision to provide digital marketing solutions to small and medium businesses. Today every business wants to be online and interact with their customers/prospects. While they can concentrate on their core strength of running their business, Digital Upstarts can upstart their digital presence and help them evolve digitally. Hence, the name was coined as "Digital Upstarts" with tagline "evolve digitally" :)

Neha Thakur

We named our first mobile app as "FlapApp". As the history suggests that the birds were the means of communications(sending messages, invites etc) and we thought to have a cool name around nature as we both(me and my husband) are avid think greeners. The birds Flapping also rhymes with App so we came up with the name "FlapApp" which conveys the means of communication. With FlapApp you can basically create an invitation in the most easiest and smartest way and the app is all about events :).

Syed Nadeem Jafri

The idea behind having a unique name like Hearty Mart was to promise our customers, suppliers and stakeholders that we are concerned about their needs and would be stand by them. It was also to break the myth that Juhapura is a hostile area and not a business friendly area considering our proximity to Juhapura since first Hearty Mart store was at Vishala Circle. In various B-Schools where I am invited for a guest session, I am often asked about the name and I joke that had it been launched in Navrangpura neither it would have been Hearty Mart nor you would have invited me for an interactive session :).

Rutvik Dave

Centramation - is derived from Centralized Information, which is what we do. We develop cloud-based solutions for small and medium businesses.
So we named our company Centramation Systems Pvt. Ltd.


" Respire Experiential Learning": Respiration is responsible for circle of life and is infinite. We wanted education to be a constant process!!
" Crazy Science Lab": Every kids is a crazy scientist, and this is the name which every child can relate to!

Meet Shah

"Munim" in older days it used to be only one & reliable point of Information & Communication. This is how it inspired us to name the Application "Munim" as it also acts to be the single point of all Information, when we started, which got a flagship name & later on when it was expanded to enterprise solution for Corporates we wanted to be with the name "Munim" & this is how it turned out to "Corporate Munim" which works as loyal "Munim" having all integrated information for today's Corporate.

Parth Shah

Vivez is actually a French term which means to Live Better Life and since we are Pharmaceutical company we always believe and wish our patients to live Healthy and better life So thats how we come up with the name Vivez Lifescience.

Oo Womaniya

Womaniya as defined by the lyricist of this famous song from Gangs of Wasseypur - is a woman who does not depend on someone to take decisions and is independent and in control of her own life!

O..o.. Womaniya is a shout out to the women that you are need to take your own decisions - taking health and wellness related decisions is one of them. :)


Anand Singh Bundela

We were too confused about name and one day i got this idea and then We took first letters of our names and there came out MAP advertising.
Miheer, Anand, Pradeep.
Three cofounders one name. Pretty nice.

Gaurav Jain

Manthan Mania is combo of two different Words. "Manthan - To extract the core" & Mania - Passion so it becomes Passionate drive towards Excellence. Mania represents Passion, Craziness and we Entrepreneurs are known for that ;)

Mihir Pathak

here at learnlabs we are doing experiments with alternative education methods, so it is like 'lab' for 'learning' - learn + labs = learnlabs . design process is best way to give awesome + meaningful name to your venture OR follow your heart.

Dimple Khubchandani

while i was consulting in my previous career i was too much excited about Synergy Communications :P .. i named my venture as Synoverge Consultants which is an amalgamation of two words i.e SYNERGY and VERGE which means : in combination of action at the edge!

Prerak Trivedi

We were looking for shortest name possible for the venture. So we tried different prefix-suffix to the word 'Bhavnagar' (town where we are based and work as local startup). After trying few things we stayed on WeBhavnagar. :)

pranav thakker

I was looking for a Sanskrit name for my company. Friend of mine suggested "Sufalam" which means "Giving fruitful results". I liked it immediately and decided to go with it.

Kshama Dudpuri

POISE7 (Enhancing human dimensions) : Poise means to " balance elegantly" and 7 for the seven chakras of a human, we help balancing and enhancing the seven chakras with our initiative.

Pankaj Bengani

We were looking for a Hindi name for our venture which is small, easy to remmeber and impactful. We chose "Chhavi" for two reasons – In Hindi, Chhavi means "Image", which relates to the business we are into and it also means "People with creditable repute".


Selecting a name for my stat up will be also time consuming work, I was never aware of it. Searched on echai and CIIE start up names to get some crazy name idea, researched it on google with all biggest enterprise name of glob and then thought first name for my B2B marketing outsourcing company as atrademart but further modified it to mytra (closer to big name myntra)

Riddham Manna

I read a dozen articles to find out how companies are named. Finally after days of deliberation settled upon a name.
Went to the registrar of companies to get the company registered.
But they couldn't allocate the name, it was too generic according to them. Then appealed, taarikh pe taarik... wanted that name badly. But they didn't budge.
Then one day out of the blue I told my sister that since we are starting this venture together why don't we name it "BhaiBen". And that's how we got this name.
My vision for technology is to use it to improve people's lives. The company would be working to make technology accessible to the rural people. So rather than keeping a pompous name I wanted something very basic, something that people can relate to.
There were some skeptics about the name but usually I get a very good response when I tell the name. It brings a smile on their faces.
Hope it made you all smile too :)

Abhik Basu

The name 'Bonoboz' is a play on the chimps 'Bonobo.'. An endangered specie, the Bonobo is widely known for it's intelligence and extremely social nature. We wanted to use these traits as a founding principle to all that we do on the social web as a company.

Amit Sankhala

Apka Chotu : I like the word "Chotu" which we all call. "Chotu Chai lao" etc And as we are selling Indian food, we need hindi version of the website name. So it come up with "Apka Chotu" as name.

shethwala mitesh

We wished a small but meaningful and easy to remember name.

ALA - Separate
Grand - Huge Collection

So Alagrand means Separate and differentiated Product Categories with Large Collection. Also our Logo supports #MakeInIndia Initiative of Prime Minister though it's colors

Sagar Ganatra

I am Social Human and Blogger.I love Three character Domain on my Name Started S:-Sagar G:-Ganatra's B:-Blog
Another and
Latest #Appwapsi #Snapdeal
Sagar Ganatra

Jeet Palavwala

Our company is driven by advance visualisation, digital interaction technologies, OMNI channel commerce and product customisation technologies to help businesses build next generation virtual inventory driven ecommerce businesses. Through that our vision is to explore what is possible and then simply make it happen for the businesses. That's why it's "seepossible".

Viral Gurjar

The meaning of Nirant is Endless, as my grandfather gave this name to some of his ventures i also started with this name. Nirant Enterprise is a privately held Software Development firm.

Kavita Sharma

In one can have their whole travel experiences stored for all their eternity, with the actions they had taken while planning, booking, budgeting selecting offers, collaborating with friends and a whole lot more.

It is what you do/did and will do for your travel. In a way - It's your Travel Karma! and we brainstormed a lot around it and thought of many options around trip/travel/socializing and then decided to go ahead with the name MyTripKarma.

Shah Harsh

Velox is a latin word meaning rapid. We will develop clients business by using rapid marketing strategy. Our logo color identifies that trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence and truth. We offer customized services as per client’s specifications and standards and prepare reports to exact specifications.

Mahendra Chaudhari

AATAP word is basically a Sanskrit word. It means Radiation of the sun. so as renewable energy company particularly working Solar Photovoltaics its represent us. AATAP word is mention in Ayurveda. our logo represents son and Solar Photovolatics panel with our name.

Mahendra A. Sharma

Matrubharti is a sanskrit word मातृभारती
We publish ebooks in indian regional language, self published by authors and delivered to readers on our Android and iPhone App.
Matrubharti is synonymous to Mother Tongue. Since we promote language and literature in mother tongue, this name suited us well.

Gurupritsingh Saini

AppAspect is the name of our company and it was suggested by my younger brother.

AppAspect means how world seeing the application. Aspect of a person to see the application. It simply means the point of view of a person to create their idea into reality in the form of application.

Abhishek Desai

During college days in Nirma, we named our group as Digitizers. This name was given by the famous Pranav Mistry. We were some 10-12 friends in the group, all boys of course ;). When we started our own company after college, we named it "Digitizers Corporation". After a couple of years, we had to make it pvt. ltd. and we were supposed to give 4 options to the RoC. "Digicorp Information Systems Pvt. Ltd." was our last option and guess what, RoC decided to approve that only :).

But no regrets, Digicorp is a fantastic name and we are the only company with this name in entire India! Yup, check MCA website.

So here is how we named our business (not startup) - Digicorp.

Taral Shah

We have lots of neighborhood stores and most are just a few Kms away but we never know them.
OneHop believes that local stores of city needs tech presence to fight against goalitha e-tailers and we wanted to connect the SHoppers of the world with their local stores such that shopping is just One Hop away.

For OneHop each user is Socially connected so we call them Hopper as
SHopper = S(social)+Hopper(OneHop User).

Deep patel

Virtua360 gives you an impressive way to showcase your business by providing high quality virtual tours. We provide an interactive imagery where you can navigate a full 360-degree field-of-view. We focus on development of Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality Applications.

Virtua is medieval latin of Virtual. 360 defines 360-degree field-of-view.

Ashish S Parik

While delivering cakes from different bakers, we found that customers have very limited option to choose from. Most of the online cake shops sell cakes with flavor only and bakers name is not mentioned anywhere. So we decided to have a platform from where people can select (read hunt) their favorite cake and baker. So the name Cakehunt... Initially our punch line was Cakehunt...end of your hunt.

Nikunj Kikani is my venture.

Before Yibration I decided Egnite (Ignite). But is not available. A day before this, My teacher (CA Jay Chhaira) advised me that "Just create interest, it will be permanent.) And after that when i was watching a movie "The pursuit of Happyness", meanwhile one of my friend suggested me, "" Vibration is good and it relates to above mentioned line, "Just create..." I went to godddy and checked. But it is also not available. And suddenly I recalled one line of movie where chris said that there should "I" in happiness not "Y". I checked about Yibration. It was there. I purchased.

After that I told to people about, they confirm Vibration!
I reply, "There should be "Y" not "V".

Shruti Misra

Adynor is an acronym for "Adding Your Knowledge Right". We needed something that could help the Indian market relate with the term - practical skills in combination with theoretical knowledge.

Murtaza Ali A Najmi

Saif in Arabic means "Shield", Safe in English means "Safety", hence evolved "Saif Zone" means keeping your premises safe with help Security Surveillance products (CCTV, Alarm System, Sensors, etc.)

Rajandeep Singh

We are creating digital wallet for Health, so we wanted to give message this wallet hold's key of your health, we arrived at tag line "Virtual Key to your health" and than just shortened it to make vikihealth but as it was very similar to wiki and we didnt want to be known as some content site or subsidiary of wikepedia so we switched vi and ki, leading to kivihealth ( )

Orazio Venuti

PugliaSwiss is the name I gave to my Association , founded from me in 2011 in Switzerland as a Bridge for culture, tourism , gastronomy, trade opportunities between Switzerland and Apulia (South Italy) . Then , this year , March 5, 2016 , we received invitation from All Events in City to organize AEFest 2016 in Switzerland and we accepted with pleasure . After AEFest 2016 born the interesting "Project for Cooperation Switzerland - India" and now we are honored to be here and to be part of eChai Community.



We wanted a name that is self-explanatory. A name like upsurge, oyehoye, etc can be for multiple things and one needs to explain the industry. We thought that with limited resources and branding activities, let us select a name that is not tongue twisting, easy to remember, used often, etc.

HOBBYCOOK is a platform for HomeChefs who cook out of their passion more as a hobby than a serious, full time profession. It aims to be the online market for home made food items and give customers access to authentic, regional cuisines.

We wanted to highlight our most important stakeholders - HOBBYCOOK as we put them in front of us.

We aspire to be the AMUL for Urban Indian Women and create self-employment opportunities for women at home. This transforms into a vision of removing the word "House Wife" from the Indian Dictionary and create a nation filled with proud, independent and confident women.

We provide home cooked lunch meals ( and other make-to-order exotic items ( to people staying away from their families in select areas of Ahmedabad. But we aim to expand both horizontally (product lines) and geographically (10 cities in 5 years).

Look forward to your feedback on the name and logo.

Neel Shah
HOBBYCOOK - The Home Food Market |

Ramesh Jagannath Sinha

My firm is called TenderTiger.
We provide biz opportunities available in Government sector (called Tenders) to supplier at large across the world. Hence first world Tender was picked up.
I started TenderTiger in 2006, when there were dozes odd players already in existence. I was confident about my product USP & that we will be leading the pack one day. Hence Tiger, which denotes our leadership position.
Weended up as #1 Tender Portal within a year from date of launch. And now we are Tiger of Tender Biz.

CS Ashish Khandelwal

Our Venture name is AAS & Associates.

AAS is the first word of our all three promoters. Ashish, Ashwani and Sumit. in hindi AAS means hope. We have started our venture with some positive hope, believe with us and with our profession. Presently, our venture is going far better than our hope.

Hasan Sunasara - derived from Informatics i.e. the science of processing data for storage and retrieval, thus Infomatica Labs - Software lab creating IT (Information Technology) Solutions. To be different from well known software company Informatica, we removed 'r' from the name 'Infomatica'.

Manmeet Dawar

"The Pink Foundation" NGO we are working for the development of women and kids from slums of Ahmedabad. It promotes holistic development of marginalized section of the society, by adopting an integrated approach with main emphasis on Four Es:- Entrepreneurship, Employment, Education and Empowerment. Our prime focus is on developing self-dependence in women, children and youth to enable them to lead more effective and satisfactory lives.
By PINK, we also connote Prosper, Inspire, Nurture and Knowledge. In colour psychology Pink is a sign of Hope. A combination of Red and White, Pink is a passion and power of Red softened with the purity and openness and completeness of white. The deeper the pink, the more passion and energy it exhibits.

Shruti Misra

Entrenador Consulting is the name of my most recent venture.

I have been looking for a name that incorporates words like mentor, trainer, entrepreneur and coach in one. By searching for names in different dialects and languages, I finally could find this word which incorporated all of the words either while breaking the word "Entrenador" in small English words or the actual meaning of the word: "Coach" in Spanish language.

Then came the challenging part of getting a proper domain and finally could secure for the purpose. This gave an Indian identity to this company at the same giving a foreign air to the brand. Also, at the same, it is an effort to break the overly popularized "(dot)com" domain preference. I always wanted to combine Indian values with Western practices and this domain name gives me that kind of flexibility.

Krishna Shah

We wanted the name to be a short and single word. Also, it had to be different from the existing ecommerce players. Usually, the names in this domain had words like kart, cart, sale, food, etc. We were sure we did not want any cliche words. By hearing the name, customer should be able to differentiate us from existing ecommerce names. We also wanted the name to be related to food so we thought 'pot' would be a good word word to use to indicate a pot full of food. 'Moi' is a french word meaning 'my'. We combined those two words and coined 'Moipot' which refers to 'My pot full of food' :)

Shruti Misra

I wanted to have a to the point name with multiple meanings on the profession that I have chosen. Entrenador means Coach in Spanish language. If we break the word in English, then the components are - Entrepreneur - Trainer - Advisor - Mentor. Therefore, Entrenador Consulting is a coaching, training, mentoring and consulting organization.

Chandan Nayak
Sometime you get your venture name with very interesting and funny ways.

I fall in love with a girl aligned with the time when I was working hard on baselining my startup.

We are looking for a trendy but sober domain name to register which is not already had taken at GoDaddy.

One fine day casually I asked that girl meaning of her name. Her name was "Latika" means "creeper (लता)" and immediately I checked the name "" in GoDaddy and Bingo.

Unfortunately I lost her by very saddest way but hey tada.. I get a new darling which I love more then anything ""