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Message from Jatin Chaudhary, Salesman at eChai


Living a Dream !

I take this opportunity to thank you for being part of and our journey to spread the idea of #CoRise - Collaboratively Rising Together.

Today we've reached an important milestone for - we now have first 1250 users of all the millions of people who'll be using

Since 6+ years, eChai Ventures conceptualizes and organizes engaging entrepreneurial programs to help fellow entrepreneurs connect, share and collaborate. Also we host pretty diverse kinds of programs - eChai Demo Days, eChai RoundTables ( Sector-theme specific theme based knowledge sharing programs, eChai Skills Challenges ( Tech Challenge, Marketing Challenge, Design Challenge, Business Case Challenge, App Challenge, UI/UX Challenge, Business Model Challenge n others, Design Your City/Village programs, eChai UX Mornings, eChai Sales Evenings and our flagship #CoRise programs across all over India. The most amazing part of the eChai programs is the kind of conversations that happen among presenters and participants.

Now we've expanded eChai into 40 cities - Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara, Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Bhopal, Udaipur, Jaipur, Delhi, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Colombo, Thimphu, Singapore, and many others where we host various eChai programs. In some cities we host an eChai program every week or in many other cities we host an eChai program once in a month. In coming months we'll have eChai Chapters in 100 cities from all over India which would make eChai an amazing pan India platform connecting enterprising people both offline & online to collaboratively rise together. Earlier we've also led a delegation of entrepreneurs to visit Singapore, Sri Lanka & Bhutan to explore the entrepreneurial eco-systems in respective countries and possible partnership opportunities for entrepreneurs from the community.

eChai has earlier worked with some of India’s most prestigious educational institutions ( MICA, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Indore, Christ University, Bangalore, Somaiya Vidyavihar, Mumbai, S P Jain Institute of Management & Research, Vivekanand Education Society, Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Ahmedabad ( EDI ), CEPT University, icreate, Nirma University, NID , IIT Kharagpur, IIT Jodhpur and many others ), industry associations & accelerators ( Assocham, CII, GCCI, FICCI, DICCI, Startup Oasis, TLabs, IAMAI, Sankalp Forum, BHIve Workspace and many others ) and various Government organizations for various entrepreneurial programs. We are also partnering with many Universities/Associations/Institutions to host weekly eChai programs - it may happen that someday we'll have eChai programs happening simultaneously in 1k+ colleges/associations :-)

Every month we have more than 10,000 people from all over India who physically participate in some of eChai programs or where we are significant partners. While our offline programs are growing amazingly well - we believe & eChai Mobile App will grow exponentially and become much bigger than the number of enterprising people part of our offline programs. We generally don't make any distinction between all our efforts - offline programs, online social network, eChai Initiatives ( Sweetly, The Loo Project, Design Your City) and other research projects. For us everything is helping us to achieve our vision of Collaboratively Rising Together - #CoRise

I also would like to use this opportunity to inform you about some of the interesting features we've implemented at to help enterprising people connect, share and collaborate.

  1. You can now edit Your profile, with relevant info about you and your interest areas and skills. It will be really very useful when people want to search for certain kinds of people from the community in specific location with specific interest area/skill sets. i.e. This link helps you find out all the enterprising people at eChai with interests in Marketing :

    If you haven't registered on use this link to create your profile. You can invite your friends to whom you believe would find this platform pretty interesting and/or valuable.

  2. We've started this radical initiative - #CoRise Seed Prize - to help fellow entrepreneurs with finance part and other resources. The #CoRise Seed Prize is given to a promising startup from the eChai community. 100 Entrepreneurs take a pledge to support the #CoRise Seed Prize winner - by providing the Rs. 1,00,000 seed money, by being the customer/evangelist/partner of the winning startup and leveraging their business resources to help the #CoRise Seed Prize winner succeed. You can checkout the list of 100 #CoRisers who are contributors for #CoRise Seed Prize and info about #CoRise Seed Prize winners. Right now the applications for 2nd #CoRise Seed Prize have been received and we are interviewing all the applicants.

  3. Conversations : There are many things you want to discuss with fellow entrepreneurs - there are many things you want to know about and many things where you want to share your experiences i.e. How did they hired their first employee ? What was their first income as an entrepreneur ? What inspires them the most and why ? What was their Eureka moment ? How did they raise funds for their ventures ? How do they overcome their failures ? How did they find their office space ? How do they manage work-life balance - we already have many entrepreneurs who have shared their insightful answers to all these conversations. You can also share your experiences and insights to make the conversations much more meaningful and helpful. You can also start conversation here.

  4. Interviews : This is the place where we have an online eChai with all the interesting people - we've already published 40+ interviews of entrepreneurs from all over the world i.e.
    • Harsh Songra, student entrepreneur from Bhopal & Founder of MyChild App which tell people about their child's growth to help them figure out developmental disorder,
    • Kyai Mullei from Kenya and founder of M-Changa - a service that allows you to manage a fundraiser right from your mobile phone.
    • Bimal Mahajan from Nepal and Founder of 11Beep which is mobile only social network which lets you share what is really on your mind with your friends without worrying about digital history.
    • Christopher Wong from Canada and founder of Young Urban Farmers, which provides edible gardening products and services including raised beds, containers gardens, and in-ground landscapes.
    • Lahiru Pathmalal from Sri Lanka and Founder of which is one of the largest eCommerce store in Sri Lanka.
    • Sam Lee from Australia and Co-Founder of Class Mobile App which is evolving the way the world books rooms by seamlessly connecting guests with premium experiences through mobile app. It's more like Uber for Hotels in Australia.
    • Wawan B. Setyawan from Indonesia and founder of - a kind of Linkedin alternative for programmers which lets programmers or developers showcase their working and freelance experience along side their sample of codes (over Github) to get more opportunities or get connected with networks.
    • Ritvvij Parrikh from Mumbai and Founder of Pykih - a data design company which specialises in designing custom visualizations and interactive dashboards.
    • Tejas Jasani from Rajkot and founder of The App Guruz, very exciting Mobile Games and Apps development Company based in Rajkot,
    • Dr. Surbhi Mahajan from Panchkula and Founder Dermatologist of
    • #CoRise Seed Prize winners - Naimish Sakhpara & Hardik Sondagar - from Ahmedabad and Co-Founders of MyWedStory, is a social wedding application that helps you showcase your love story, family, events and the extravagance, simply by creating a custom wedding code and invite all your guests to be a part of all these.

    We have multiple formats of interviews - eChai Showcase, eChai with an Entrepreneur, The Rising Sun - Video series, eChai with Pioneers and many others. We'll also have one major feature - Live edition of eChai with an Entrepreneur - which is pretty much inspired from Reddit AMA - where we will have many interesting entrepreneurs and leaders to have QnA with the community on

  5. Posts - We are building this as an amazing knowledge base where we have entrepreneurs from the community to share their specific experiences of building a venture, insights and observations. Some of the major topics at eChai posts are - Team Building, User Experience, Growth Hacking, Failure, Sales, Communication, Digital Media, Industry specific insights, Product Development, Legal & Accounting and many others. Here are some examples.

  6. Events : You can checkout all the upcoming and previous eChai programs here. For example - eChai Demo Day ( Bangalore Edition ) @ BHive Workspace & eChai RoundTable - Education in Indore. All eChai programs are open for all to participate and no registrations are required to participate, though we've built an interesting feature here where you'll be able to see who else is participating in these programs ( list of people who've attended the particular eChai event on Based on your interest areas/skill sets we will be recommending fellow enterprising people to whom you can meet up at the event which I believe would be very powerful feature. We'll also recommend you the other entrepreneurs from other cities who are attending similar programs with similar skill sets and interest areas. We are also collaborating with our friends at to build a special curated list of eChai & other startup/entrepreneurship/Business events.

  7. Ideas : This is one of our most favorite feature - many times we all have ideas that we might not want to pursue but sometime feel if someone can do it then it would be great, or sometimes you have specific idea about your venture that you want to discuss with fellow entrepreneurs, or you have ideas for India, ideas for your city/village that you would want to share and discuss with relevant people. This is the place for that - for example, Mr. Nagarajan M, ( IAS) , DDO of Sabarkantha District, Government of Gujarat is working on "Code for Gujarat" which he wants to discuss with people or I always believed there is need of A platform which gives info about the nearest playgrounds and facilities, how to book them and other related information for various sports i.e. Cricket, Football, Tennis. It also helps you connect with other people with interest in similar sports. May be I myself don't want to work on it but if someones does that I can play a little role in helping that person execute this idea. One more example, Govind Agrawal, Founder of Anaxee has this interesting idea which can really become a business, Nilesh Makwana, Founder, FileMyCase wants to contribute to build a sports culture in Gujarat and many more. Do share your ideas which you would want to discuss with fellow entrepreneurs.

  8. Talent - This is the most important piece where we believe community plays a very important role to help entrepreneurs find right talent and help promising professionals to find better n relevant opportunities. You can post your talent requirements at - whether you are looking for a Graphic Designer for your Creative Agency, or Consumer Complaints startup looking for a Co-Founder or IT company looking for Sr. PHP developer or consumer internet stat-up looking for a Cartoonist/Animator. Also this becomes very important platform for people to find good opportunities.

    We already host few amazing eChai Skills Challenges which would really play a great role in helping talent meet the opportunity. We'll be hosting eChai Tech Challenge, eChai Marketing Challenge, eChai Business Case Challenge, eChai Design Challenge, eChai UX Challenge and many others while leveraging our offline-online reach. You can also recommend your friends who are looking for jobs/internships to some of these ventures and also if you know companies which are looking for talent which can use this feature to reach out to wider audience. It certainly gives great joy to play a role in someone's journey to help them find the right talent or opportunity.

  9. Recommendations : This one is also amazingly useful feature. Many times we are looking for that particular service or product where we want to find out who else in our network is already using. Which is the startup friendly bank ? Who is the right CA for my kind of a startup ? Who is the best logo designer ? Which is the best creative agency ? Which is a better cloud hosting platform ? Who could be good vendor to print business cards ?

    There are many recommendations that we are looking for from our friends on what they are using and would like to recommend and also there are many service providers/products which we are using and really want to recommend to fellow entrepreneurs. eChai Recommendations serves that purpose exactly. For example,

    You an also ask for recommendations from others for the kind of service or product you are looking for. We have many entrepreneurs sharing recommendations about their favorite Service Providers/Products in response to such requests. For example,

  10. Upcoming features & Programs : While we are working on to improve upon each of the above mentioned features - there are few more interesting updates that we will be adding to

    • eChai Social - a kind of newsfeed of eChai content - we will show you all the interesting updates based on your interest areas/skill sets/kind of people you follow on comments/your activity n others.
    • #CoRiseWall where once in a week you can post a significant update from your side which you really want to share with large number of people from the community i.e. Product Update, Hiring Requirement, Company Culture etc. - #CoRiseWall will be prominently displayed in and showcased at eChai programs for more visibility.
    • Company profiles - you'll be able to create your company profiles on
    • Location specific relevant content i.e. - in this page you'll be able to see all the enterprising people of Indore, kind of jobs being posted in Indore, posts from Indore entrepreneurs , kind of Indore specific service provider recommendations and similarly other content
    • Online eChai Skills Challenges - App Challenge, Marketing Challenge, Business Model Challenge, Content Challenge etc.
    • Live editions of eChai with an Entrepreneur , eChai with Pioneers n Sector-theme specific eChai RoundTables
    • An online eChai Demo Day - where we will have 10 entrepreneurs building interesting and innovative businesses from 10 different cities/countries presenting their ventures in front of the community. We will select these 10 demo companies who will present about their ventures online ( 5 mins ) which will be followed by an interactive dialogue ( 10 Mins ) and also each of these company will will have other 20+ people from their city who'll be physically participating the program along with the demo company of the respective city. Basically they can have the good conversations after the online demos get over. This one will be livestreamed at eChai TV and we'll build an interesting thing at for better engagement among participants.
    • eChai Messenger - A messenger kind of group chat platform where certain number of people from the community can have a real-time chat for a specific topic. We already have multiple Whatsapp groups of eChai for many cities - we are able to deliver that great eChai experience on a Whatsapp group as well :-) This one will be more of an extension of that with much better control & features.
    • eChai Offers - There are certain things that one would want to share with friends from the community at a very good deal i.e. discounted products, special offers or subscriptions, selling unused goods at very good price or in some cases you have a very good business offer which is not necessarily finding a co-founder but many other stuff - Franchisee, appointing re-sellers, joint venture or similar offers which you will be able to share it here.
    • eChai Reading Lounge - This will be the place where you'l be able to share your favorite books, news and interact with interested friends from the community.
    • eChai Investor connect - We'll implement this feature where we'll be connecting potential investors with relevant startups that are looking for funding.
    • eChai Discover: Discover awesome startups from 100 cities everyday. This will be more of an extension of our eChai Demo Days where startups that are about to launch can get listed - we'll have their review and early adopters will be able to try out their products to give them early feedback about UI/UX, Business Model, Communication Strategy, Product Development etc.
    • Better integration among offline programs and online social network.

We are becoming an amazing social network with a great balance of offline community and online social network. In a way all our offline programs make us look more like a physical University which has branches all over the india/world and which has all the amazing entrepreneurs as part of it to learn and help each other. Wherein our online part resembles some sort of an online professional social network.

Actually, we really don't make a distinction between offline-online experiences - as we see it as a person having various Social experiences which can be online or offline. Probably in our case in some cases it is going to be offline experience and in some cases it can be online experience, and in many cases it will be mix of both experiences. A person who physically attends our city specific eChai Demo Days will be exploring ventures who presented in other city specific eChai Demo Days or startups at eChai Discover. And person who's part of our online social network - may end up meeting entrepreneurs from some other cities.

In case you have any suggestions for us - you can share it with us here. It will be super interesting to see how we evolve but we are absolutely enjoying living this dream.

We love saying this :

When you want to study management, you go to BSchool, but when you want to do great things/good things in you life - then may be come to eChai - it's a gSchool - A School of Doing Good Things.

Once again, I am delighted to have you with us at eChai and looking forward to #CoRise :-)

Jatin Chaudhary, CoRiser & Salesman, eChai Ventures
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