Startup founder, Idea igniter, Innovation promoter, Solution Implementer, attempting to contribute towards a better world
  • Accelerinno Tech LLP, Fortune Waves Pvt Ltd
  • Ahmedabad
How I can add value to fellow Entrepreneurs?

I bring with me expertise in the Banking and Fintech world, being associated with multiple banks and payment services leading their tech functions. Additionally, I can help to contribute towards innovation, bringing in right ideas and execution strategies to solve local problems through process and logic driven engines which are part and parcel of any successful e-marketplace platform at both B2B and B2C level.

What I am looking for?

I am looking for connecting with the right people who may be interested in my ideas and may partner to build an appropriate e-marketplace and logistics ecosystem together with facilitation of payments

Thought Leadership, Execution of Technology Programs, Mentoring, Banking Technologies & Solutions, Program Management, Banking & Finance Domain expertise, Ecommerce Platforms, Data & Analytics
Interest Areas
eCommerce, Payments, Logistics, services