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Shrijay Sheth

Shrijay is an eCommerce industry veteran and an entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in working with businesses of varied geography, scale, culture and lifecycle. Shrijay has worked with some of the most disruptive businesses like Qualcomm,, and more. He is a co-founder at Legal eCommerce start-up and runs an eCommerce strategy and analytics consultancy Hire4Higher Consulting. Shrijay is a true believer of people first philosophy, and largely credits his development to wide range of traveling opportunities he has gotten, both in professional and personal capacity.

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How I can add value to fellow Entrepreneurs? provides simple, affordable, and transparent way of procuring business professional services. We add value by saving time and resources for entrepreneurs, which they can then utilize to focus on your core business. May that be starting a new business, or registering for a trademark - Professionals at are always available to support!

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We are grwing! I am looking for individuals who would want to be a part of LW team, and grow their career to next level. Please visit for more details.

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