Penuel Ratnagrahi

I am the founder of Regur Technology Solutions a web development company based in Ahmedabad. Being from a technical background with total 14+ years of solid experience in hard core web development technologies, I understand web development and software engineering thoroughly and that has helped me to provide effective, sustainable, extendable, long term software solutions to my clients for their varied business needs.
How I can add value to fellow Entrepreneurs?

I can help my fellow entreprenuers by providing technical guidance/consultation in software development, engineering. Designing architecture, solving problems, researching proper solutions for a given problem is something I enjoy and would love to help someone with.

What I am looking for?

I am looking for someone who is like minded and share same values, and can compliment me especially in skills that are important for running a successful businesss/venture., like business startegy, marketing & sales, growth

Programming, Software Engineering, Web Development, Web Design, Custom Web Application Development, Enterprise Applications development
Interest Areas
Web Development, Ai, Machine Learning, Block-Chain, Sound and Audio Programming