Tapan Patel

Spotting Peers
How I can add value to fellow Entrepreneurs?

I founded PeerSpot - a meeting facilitation platform. PeerSpot is a brainchild after certain experiences and learning certain characteristics of the human and society as a whole.

My engineering and management degrees are the strongest pillars of my varied experience across industries (Ship Building, Renewable Energy, Hydro Power Projects and Smart Grid - IoT) and across functionalities (Production Engineer, Planning Engineer, Finance & Regulatory, Business Development, Project management, and Product Development). My knowledge of IoT market, Indian Power Sector and Indian Education system - may help the community members to drive a crucial part of their business progression.

Being an MSME consultant, I bring a very diverse set of experience and knowledge on the table, which in turn may be of good value addition for the enterprises looking forward for the same.

What I am looking for?

Working with the like-minded brains and contributing possible good for the network fellows.

Product Development, Project Management, Financial Analysis, & Marketing
Interest Areas
Iot, Smart Grid, Higher Education, SME Consulting