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Chirag Jobanputra


We are hiring sales Development representatives. If you know friends or family member exploring job opportunity with ecommerce company and passionate about helping entrepreneurs, do connect them with us. We are rapidly growing, expanding our operations in Ahmedabad and other cities in Gujarat. Please email me references and applications. Cheers.

If anyone is interested in understanding mobile marketing space in India I can setup a session from the top leadership team at , they help entrepreneurs monetize the app as well as build traffic to mobile site as well as mobile app. They have handled mobile marketing campaigns such as Cost Per Install (CPI), mobile re-targeting for large internet brands such as MakeMyTrip, Amazon, etc.. They would love to do a session for Ahmedabad Entrepreneurs.

@Jatin, if you want to hold this session in eChai, I can certainly help you do that. Let me know folks.

Gurupritsingh Saini @gurpritsingh-saini

This sounds interesting thing for us as we are mainly working in the mobile application development and also have a huge mobile apps portfolio for iOS as well as for Android too. Please share your thoughts how can we increase the number of downloads for the apps and also engage our users more in the app and also can connect them so that they use our app on regular interval.

Chirag Jobanputra @ecomnation

Guruprit, there are may ways you can achieve the downloads. CPI is a very popular form of advertisement whereby you pay only for the download. So, if you expect 1 lakh download in the period of 60 days you can do that and there is price tag attached to it. Another way is through targeting advertisement. For instance you achieved the download but the user has not visited your app past 30 days, you can choose to display ads on the apps installed on the users phone which would encourage users to click on the banner and open the apps. There are many different ways you can achieve more downloads, call me on 079 40380039 (office number) can I can set up your meeting with the right folks.

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