Dhanesh Wadekar

Very enthusiastic in learning more and more on marketing strategies and value proposition of a product. Coming with a starup very soon, so want to learn all the back-end aspects behind a startup and also learn how to flourish more rather than failing with it, and understanding the current scenario and the startup ecosystem. I believe in focusing on products that are needs of a consumer rather than wants. In this way your cost of marketing behind a product reduces and you can focus more on product development. Currently pursuing B.Tech in Chemical Engineering at Ahmedabad University.
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  • Ahmedabad
How I can add value to fellow Entrepreneurs?

Being an engineer we think from every aspect of a product, that adds to our values in creating market strategies regarding a product that is perfectly customer oriented.

What I am looking for?

Learning from startups and designing my own startup well by their help.
Creating perfect strategies for my product and designing the product well so as to attract more and more customers.

Interest Areas