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Ashish Malviya

Travelpreneur & Founder : Webricots Corp. , and Way Back Roads.

I am a Dirt-Lover, Travelpreneur figuring out life just like YOU.
Founder : Webricots Corp., and Way Back Roads. Remotely operating all the firms and a hard core believer of unconventional ways of working while being location independent. Not an Anti-Office guy but believes in Freedom way more than the traditional cliche ways of operating, earning and making living.

How I can add value to fellow Entrepreneurs?

While being on travel and working constantly as a Digital Nomad, I might can bring more values for budding Entrepreneurs in terms of pushing themselves under any circumstances.

What I am looking for?

Looking to come across like minded people who believe in the same theory of digital nomadic life and breaking the stereotypes.

Interest Areas