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Atul Purohit

Founder & CEO at FreeOff, Insofto Technologies Pvt. Ltd. & Write India Publishers | Bestselling author of 'Love Vs Destiny' | Ethical Hacker | Motivational Speaker

Atul Purohit (Born 21st April, 1991) is the Founder & CEO of 'FreeOff', 'Insofto Technologies Pvt. Ltd.' & 'Write India Publishers'
He is an author of romantic fiction novel titled, 'Love Vs Destiny ...the strange game of life!', an editor of 'The Forgotten Life' (Anthology of forgotten stories) and the compiler of ‘The Unbreakable You’ (An anthology of 27 unbreakable stories.)

He was born and brought up at Ahmedabad. He is a graduated from Rajasthan Technical University (B.Tech) and Gujarat Technological University (MBA). He Worked in an IT sector for a year before quitting it to pursue his entrepreneurial and writing dreams.

He strongly believes in entertainment, activism and knowledge.
For him writing is a passion and IT as a profession. He is also a prolific blogger, and ethical hacker and loves playing Snooker & Volleyball.

What he has to say about his debut novel? “Well, as far as ‘Love Vs Destiny... the strange game of life.' goes, I had a story to tell which was based on my own fictionalized memoir and I had to just tell it. I hope that more stories come to me and I have more to offer. The novel touches the sensitive issue of hard luck over the fascinations towards the first few sweet crushes and infatuations in our lives and moreover it deals with the true love and trust."

How I can add value to fellow Entrepreneurs?

I can help people to solve there technical problems like designing, web development, mobile development. Being a publisher, I can help aspiring writers to get there work published.

What I am looking for?

We are looking for more technical and entrepreneurial guys to make out the revolution in offline shopping and effect advertising platform, which we are aiming through our startup 'FreeOff' and we want to connect offline-online shoppers and entrepreneurs .

Interest Areas